Our humble beginning

It all started in the jungle trails of a tropical rainforest mountain in Malaysia over one beautiful weekend. During the long hike, 2 buddies, Fendy and Amri chatted and exchanged ideas (mainly to distract Fendy from quitting half way) on what it takes to run a business, what's missing in the interior design industry and how to run the ideal company.

The topic is frequently revisited during their weekend hikes. 2 years later, the casual chat between the two turned into a business model they both have confidence in. Fendy and Amri took a bold move to start EndoKL in October 2017. Munirah, who's also our hiking buddy, joined us shortly after and helped with our business development. From a 2 man show in a tight 10x10 co-working space & offering interior design services, EndoKL have now grown with a team of 15 people with different backgrounds. We are now a multidisciplinary studio that offers architecture, interior, landscape & industrial design and project management services, among others.

Thought Process

Comfort first, above anything else

We spend 80% of our lives indoors. The spaces we occupy should be planned and designed to bring comfort, function and pleasure to our senses. EndoKL strives to provide you with all that and more. We create personalised spaces that are practical, timeless and aesthetically pleasant - with a touch of Southeast Asian sensibilities


We love building collaborative relationships with all our clients. Every project is personalised to give a unique identity to your home, office, or even commercial space. Every space & object is carefully crafted & curated so that no two projects are the same. To date, ENDO has successfully completed many projects with a range of different property types including residentials, offices, retail spaces, and F&B spaces.


Our space planning & design process focus on maximising space potential, and creating solutions based on our client's requirements. We pay close attention to details - making sure to curate everything from lighting design, material quality, and style choices - for a timeless interior.

Our Team
Our Team
Effendy Nadzri
Co-Founder & Design Director

Effendy Nadzri, an Ampang boy, started his career in 2006 as a draughtsman. From a young age, Effendy has had a passion for design. As he and his family travelled, his father would take them to different hotels. This was when he realised how the magic of design could transport you to different worlds. From these experiences, he believes that the best way to learn about design is through travelling… and good food.

Effendy co-founded Endo Sdn Bhd with his partner, Amri Sacdan, in 2017.

Amri Sacdan
Co-Founder & Project Director

Project Management is Amri's strength. He oversees projects from the first single line drawing, the placement of brick & mortar at site, right until the key is handed over the client. He is a strong believer that with strong fundamentals, you will learn new things every day. 

To him, each project’s design process is a journey.  Just like travelling (what he loves most). “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

Munirah Sabri
Operations and Finance

Munirah holds an MBA from Monash University. Her passion for analytics and creating transparent systems for businesses led her to run the finance and operations side of ENDO. Loves reading and travelling. 

Shafizuan Shapiei 
Senior Construction Manager

Trained in architecture and interior design, Shafizuan aims to fuse both practices and create fine user-centric builds. He admires attention to detail and fine craftsmanship as he believes that it is a worthwhile effort to go above and beyond what is expected. He materializes the design onto build, managing the accompanying scopes. His love for the outdoors connects him to the natural beauty of the world, and this complements his pursuit of finesse. 

Esther Ho
Senior Interior Designer

A degree-holder in interior architecture, Esther believes in designing spaces that cater to different human needs. For her, design can be subjective, but it should always create essential comfort with generous space for all communities. From hobbies to skill sets, she loves exploring and experimenting. She is responsible for executing the client’s brief - from preliminary idea sketches and 3D visualisation, curating materials and colour schemes, producing layouts and details for constructions, to liaising and listing the related documentation for contractors. 

Aziz Razali 
Project Architect

In his 7-year experience as an architect, this Master's degree holder in Architecture from UiTM  has worked on various residential and commercial projects. He is involved in the different stages of project design - from conceptualization, preliminary design, and design development to contractual documentation. Aziz is passionate about achieving unique functional spaces in simpler yet significant ways, fused with a critical understanding of construction's material limitations and technical aspects. 

Palu Chandran 
Design Architect

Palu is a graduate of Architectural Studies and is responsible for architecture design and project management. He believes architecture is a journey from the circulation of space that translates into aesthetic value. 

Chew Bo Yan 
Interior Designer

As an interior designer, Bo Yan - a The One Academy graduate - is involved in the end-to-end processes, including meeting with clients, planning, designing, supervising, and controlling the quality of work. He specializes in conceptual ideas & 3D visualisation and is even trained in 3D Architecture Visualisation. He is passionate about the design thought process and loves exploring new things. 

Shahreen Shahrom
Project Coordinator

A diploma holder in architecture, Shahreen is responsible for site coordination, from the beginning stages to site handover. Shahreen believes that whatever you do in design must be done with technical knowledge and practicality. 

Aiesya Mahamad 
Technical Assistant

Graduated from Taylors’ University, Aiesya role is in designing, 3D visualization and landscaping while assisting her colleagues in their projects. Aiesya believes a functional, timeless, and durable design should always be an inspiration point and then improved upon. 

Andrew Koay 
Interior Designer

A bachelor’s degree holder in Interior Architecture, Andrew is a 3D visualizer and designer. He is responsible for interacting with clients and understanding their requirements before translating them to the perfect space design for each client. His philosophy is, less is more. 

Azrol Baharuddin 
3D Visualiser

Azrol holds a Master’s degree in Science in Integrated Construction Project Management. Azrol is responsible for taking the Designers ideas into 3D visualisation. He believes in flexibility in a design process and learning is a lifelong process. 

Our Services

Design & Build

A lot of our projects are design and build. In fact, it’s safe to say that design and build projects make up 90% of our work. Most clients prefer dealing with a single party for the whole process. Starting from the design phase, construction drawings, sourcing, submission to authorities, dealing with management (yeap, you don’t have to go through that!), documentations, construction works, quality control, and styling right up until project handover. We are here to execute your ideas, and relieve you of unnecessary stress. All will be done, so you don’t have to worry.

Design Consultation

We also get clients who already have their own trusted contractors, and that’s great, too. We can provide design consultation services, which includes the design scheme, 3D artists impressions as well as construction drawings together with minor supervision of the project when necessary.

Product, Furniture & R&D

What about smaller projects? We provide services for design research and development, detail drawings. We also source materials and vendors to save you the hassle, create prototypes and present you with the production itself.

Builders & Project Management

In the event you already have the design and construction drawing, we assist in managing the project until completion. We are your eyes and ears the whole way!

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